It is my belief that a strong K-12 education can make all the difference in an individual’s life, I am evidence of that very belief. An investment in our public school system is an investment in our children and our community’s future. As your delegate I plan to follow expert and researched recommendations such as the Kirwan Commission, combined with the feedback and real life experience of our teachers who are actually “in the trenches” implementing those recommendations.  Teachers understand student needs first hand, and they are the best source of information to seek feedback to assess if a system works or what adjustments are needed. Additionally, we will work to make the necessary repairs and improvements to our schools so that our children have the solid foundation that they deserve.  
The first step in improving the schools in our area is to provide full funding for educational programs. Proper funding for our schools requires an investment of additional funds promised from the Education Trust Fund. The Education Trust Fund is the casino money intended for our schools that was not delivered. As your delegate I will work to “Fix the Fund” and make sure that our children and taxpayers get the educational funding to which they are entitled. Fixing the fund would ensure that our schools have the budget to compensate teacher’s appropriately, attract/maintain quality teachers, provide staff, lessen classroom sizes, allow for the professional development of teachers, and repair schools.  Achieving these goals in this district would pay dividends to our community in the years to come by attracting people to this area, through economic development, and by preparing students and workforce for the years ahead.  
Community involvement is a necessary component to stay informed about what is happening in the education of local children, and to demand reasonable changes.  We must as a community support the efforts of our children, educators, and administrators.