When you have grown up in an area like Allegany County that is rich with natural beauty and resources, you understand how important those resources can be. Allegany County needs a delegate that will work towards the marketing of our environmental tourism opportunities, create new opportunities, and work with the state to get those opportunities funded.  

 Our district needs representation that understands how delicate our ecosystem is and stands against measures that would endanger our local environment and resources such as pipelines under the Potomac River and fracking. The minor increase in temporary employment created by fracking and pipelines is not worth the overall risk to our environment. These measures would lead to a loss of resources, tourism, and ultimately jobs for many Marylanders, including residents of Western Maryland. 
Finally, we need a delegate who understands the importance of clean energy for the future of our world. Making a move towards clean energy measures can help to protect the environment that is so precious to our local economy, as well as benefit residents through decreased energy costs. We need a delegate that will work to bring such initiatives and opportunities to our area. I know that I can be the delegate that will work to provide all of these important environmental measures to our residents and keep our “Mountain Maryland” beautiful.