One of the needs for residents in our community is workforce readiness training. Work readiness skills such as training, education, and professional skills are a priority with employers when evaluating employability. Our area needs a delegate that will help bring and support programs to Allegany County that will provide residents seeking workforce readiness training with the resources they need. Additionally, our delegate must work simultaneously to bring new industry and employers to the area to employ those citizens.  
Our representatives in Annapolis have to work towards helping our residents with barriers to employment. Things like transportation, disability, criminal record, having a child, being a victim of domestic violence, among other challenges should not stop people who want to work from being able to do so. As the delegate for district 1B I will make sure that anyone who wants to work has the opportunity to do so by helping people rise above the barriers and solving systemic problems that have plagued us for far too long.  
Another piece of the economy and jobs puzzle in the district is the tourism industry. As an elected representative for our area I will work to build upon our local tourism, and make sure that not just people locally, but all over the state fully understand what an asset Allegany County tourism is, and what it provides to our community and Maryland as a whole.  While tourism is not the sole solution for our area, it is and must be an important part of any plan to move forward.  Tourism promotes our natural assets and environment which is an attraction to many who are not fortunate enough to live in such beautiful surroundings.  When people visit our area they spend money here which helps to support and sustain our local economy.