One of the most vital roles in any community is that of the fire departments and EMS workers, most of them volunteer.  As one resident explained to me, our fire department and EMS workers are β€œin constant need of equipment and funding.” These brave men and women work to keep our families and homes safe, and to provide us with necessary medical attention and emergency services. Properly funding and equipping their departments keeps these first responders cared for and safe, will in turn keep our community cared for and safe. As your delegate I will work to get these invaluable departments the funds and equipment they need to carry out the jobs we so desperately need them to do and often times take for granted.  
Along with our first responders, our correctional officers play a vital role in this community. The prisons in this area are large employers, providing much needed employment to many of our residents. However, these men and women are often confronted with dangerous working conditions, understaffing issues, and wages that are not commensurate with the work they do. As the delegate to district 1B I am going to work hard to change the safety standards and procedures in our state facilities to ensure that Maryland facilities are safe facilities.  We live in trying times and the job of our correctional officers have become more difficult and demanding; their safety and needs have been ignored far too long and they need change.  
Critically aging and deteriorating infrastructure are plaguing our district. From archaic pipes to crumbling streets, from bridges to outdated technology, our residents are not living under the conditions they deserve. It is time that our district has a delegate that will relentlessly pursue funding our community so desperately needs to improve infrastructure and ultimately our way of life, and I am willing to meet the challenge head on as delegate.    Additionally, we need a delegate who understands the struggles of this community and will be a loud and bold voice for women and families in our community. Our area has a high number of female-headed households, with women earning markedly less than men, and has a large number of families and individuals living below the poverty line. As delegate I want to see an increase in programs in our area to help train, educate, and support families to increase their standard of living, to help women with some of the unique struggles they face in our area, and to build community support and resources to help those in need.